Someday, we will all have to work.

But right now you may have no idea what you will do to earn money once you graduate. Your parents, friends, teachers may advise you but it is important to do what is right for you.

But whatever you choose to do, working is an important part of being an adult and becoming responsible for yourself and your family.

Listen to the Ajapa Wise Kids Rap to help you understand why it is important to study hard and work diligently!


When you are a child, you go to school to learn,

But when you are an adult, you go to work to earn;

The more that you learn,

The better you can earn.


So stay in school kids and listen to your teachers,

Study hard in class, pay attention to your lectures;

And when you graduate, don’t end up just a slob,

Polish up your resume and go and get a job!


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