What to buy dad for Christmas

Dads are often the hardest people to buy things for. They buy us things all the time but what would they like to have that we can afford???

Are you tired of buying your dad ties all the time? Ajapa has come up with a couple of great ideas for buying your dad a gift this Christmas.

  1. Books: Books are great affordable gifts. Is there a topic that your dad is interested in? You can buy him a book on that subject and he will be sure to read it. If you don’t know what your dad would like to read, books about business and self-improvement are a great addition to any shelf.
  2. For the football fan: Does your dad love football? Why don’t you get him a jersey? If a jersey s too expensive, there are several great football gifts you can get, such as – a framed newspaper clipping of your dad winning a goal for his favourite team.
  3. original_father-s-day-world-s-best-dad-mugCufflinks: Cufflinks are small gifts but if your dad wears office shirts, he can never have too many cufflinks. He will be grateful for the gift.
  4. Customized Gifts: If you haven’t already bought a ‘Best Dad’ mug yet, this is the time to do it. Or why don’t you browse the internet for a customized tshirt that shows your dad just how much you love him!
  5. Get Creative: If you can’t buy your dad a gift, why don’t you make him one? Make him breakfast on Christmas morning, or give him a sketch of his face if you like to draw.

I hope this tips have helped you choose a gift for your dad. If you have more ideas, put it in the comment below.

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