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What are the differences between a rabbit and a hare?

Do you remember Mr Bashorun Hare, who raced with Ajapa? He is pretty fast when he wants to be.

Rabbits and hares look pretty similar, don’t they? And I bet some of you think they are the same animal. But you would be wrong!

Rabbits are pretty different from Hares. And I am going to tell you some of the difference!


  1. When rabbits are born, they are born blind and with no hair on their bodies. Baby rabbits are called kittens, yes kittens, or bunnies. When baby hares are born they can see and they are born with hair on their bodies. Baby hares are called leverets!
  2. Hares are bigger than rabbits. They have longer ears and larger feet; they have long and strong hind legs and they are also much stronger than rabbits. They are also faster runners
  3. Rabbits are social animals. They live in colonies. This means they live with lots of other rabbits. Male rabbits will fight with each other to find out who is the chief rabbit. On the other hand, hare live by themselves most of the time which is why Mr Bashorun Hare has not married yet.
  4. Most rabbits live underground in burrows or warrens, while hares live in simple nests above the ground. Because there are more predators above the ground, hares have to learn to run very fast to stay safe.
  5. Rabbits like to eat soft food like grass and vegetables, hares like to eat hard food like twigs and sticks.


So that’s it guys. I hope you’ll be able to tell the difference between the two from now on! Bashorun Hare does not like to be confused with a rabbit. If you accidentally call him a rabbit, ewo!

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