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Top 5 cat breeds

Anyone who has a cat hqdefaultwould agree that theirs is the number one breed for a number of reasons.  According to The Cat Fanciers’ Association. Here are some fun facts Aiyekoto gathered about top 5 cat breeds

  1. The Persian cat: This breed has been number one since the CFA first started keeping records in 1871. Persians are affectionate and loyal but need their long fur groomed every day.
  2. Maine Coon Cat
    The Maine Coon has been the second or third most popular cat breed since the 1990’s, recognizable by its large bone structure, rectangular body shape, and long, flowing coat.
  3. The Exotic cat:
    The exotic cat breed can be thought of as a short-haired Persian, complete with the same round face and shortened muzzle.  The Exotic Short-hair is the perfect cat for people who love the look and personality of the Persian cat, but without the daily grooming, however these cats do love to be brushed and pampered.
  4. The Ragdoll cat

The Ragdoll has been in the CFA top-10 since 2006, but never before as high as their current rank at number four.  The name derived from their being so affectionate; they relax like ragdolls in the laps of their favourite people.  The ragdoll cat breed is known for its docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature,

  1. The sphynx

This breed is most distinguishable by its lack of hair, looking like a wrinkly version of a tabby cat.  The sphynx is not completely hairless; its skin texture resembles that of Chamois leather.  Sphynxes generally have wedge-shaped heads and sturdy, heavy bodies, and are known for their extroverted behaviour.


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