Financial Literacy

Today’s topic is about money dos and don’ts

Hiya kids, Ajapa has insisted that we talk about what we should and should not do with our money.

Some of you are just spending your money anyhow, you don’t even know how to look after your money at all.

And that is not a wise behavior, you have to know how to manage your money.

What are some money dos and don’ts that you can think of?

Do you practice what you preach?


Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t spend more than you earn or have. This may seem obvious but a lot of people live beyond their means. That means they can’t afford their lifestyle.
  2. Save your money! We talk about this a lot on the show but some of you are resisting. Save.
  3. If you can, try to earn money from more than one source, so that if the money stops coming in from one end, you will not be without some money.

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