The Launch of the Ajapa Money Club For Teens

The Ajapa Money Club for Teens was launched on the 13th March 2016 and the Ajapa crew were delighted to see that some teens even came early. Aunty Oyin gisted with the early birds, whilst we waited for the rest of the pilot group to show up.

The program began with an address from Mr Braithwaite, telling the attendees about the club and welcoming them. At which point they were directed to an animated video which introduced them to the importance of being money-wise via a very cool song, It is still playing in my head!

launch3The attendees gave their comments about the video and what they thought about it before Aunty Oyin took the mic and engaged them on the topic of earning. She found out about the different talents of the attendees and gave some of them the mic to mention ways one could earn money from the various talents.

She was followed by Uncle Osita who encouraged the tweens and teens to save and listened to their suggestions about how much one should save. Before we knew it, the room was overflowing with teens.

Every child was given an Ajapa notebook, pen and sticky notes to take down lessons learned. Aunty Ese then spoke to them about spending wisely, before they went on a break and were given refreshments.

launch6After the break, Mr Braithwaite took the floor once again and engaged the teens in an activity that had them scrabbling in their notebooks and racking their brains for answers. They were encouraged to brainstorm in their groups and elect a representative i.e. the CEO, whilst the rest of them were the board members. Each CEO stood up, and spoke to the room to highlight the ways to earn money as a young person, that they had come up with; and also how much they thought could be earned. Their answers were insightful as well as entertaining.

Oyinkan Adesewa, a thirteen year old, was then introduced to the teens, as an example of someone who had been finding ways to earn money since she was ten and who had saved approximately N300,000. Isn’t that amazing?

The teens asked Oyinkan questions, but before we knew it, it was time for the first Ajapa Money Club for teens to end.

We had a fantastic time, and we know the tweens and teens had a good time too. How do we know? They told us! We look forward to the next club session. If you would like to take part, please contact



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