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The Differences between Plantains and Bananas


We are all familiar with bananas and plantains and sometimes we even get them confused. So we decided to find out, what exactly the differences are between them?

  • Although plantains and bananas look alike, plantains are a lot longer than bananas, and have a much thicker skin.
  • Plantains need to be cooked before they are eaten, because they are rich in starch. They are often used as part of the main dish or as a side dish. On the other hand, bananas are more versatile since they could be eaten raw, preserved, made into chips, or as part of a rich desert.
  • Both plantains and bananas are highly nutritious, and are rich in dietary fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  • Plantains are treated as a vegetable, so you won’t find it in the fruit section. But bananas have been accepted in the fruit family.
  • Bananas and plantains taste different at different stages of the ripening process, but remember to wait till they are ripe before you cook and/or eat them.

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