Hi Kids,

The topic for this week is telling the truth.

We’ve all been told that it is good to tell the truth. But even though it is good, sometimes it is really really hard. Sometimes you know that if you tell the truth you will get into trouble.

For example, Amaka was playing in the kitchen and she accidentally threw her doll. Her doll hit the pot on the stove and the pot fell down. When Amaka’s mum returned to the kitchen she asked Amaka what happened.

“A bird flew in and hit the pot,” Amaka told her.

Amaka knows that if she tells her mother she was playing in the kitchen, she will get into trouble.

But it is important that we tell the truth, even when we know the truth might get us into trouble. Lying may be easier, but lying is wrong and the truth usually comes out in the end, whether you want it to or not.

So tell the truth and deal with the consequences, the way all Ajapa kids learn to do.

If you want to tell us about a time that you told the truth, even though it was hard, email us at or message us on the website –


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