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Talented Kid – Oghenelunamhe Itegboje

Lunamhe ItegbojeIn celebration of their annual Book Week, Greensprings School conducted a Finish-the-Story Competition for their secondary school students. Ajapaworld had the honour of judging the competition and declared Oghenelunamhe Itegboje the winner.

Lunamhe’s story was well written and displayed a creative mind. Keep up the good work Lunamhe!
Oghenelunamhe Itegboje was born, raised and Educated in Lagos, Nigeria. He took an early interest in computers and science and is currently aspiring to be a mechanical engineer. He also developed a strong liking towards horses. His first reader was his sister and her reaction inspired him to keep writing.

Below is his story, Fatal Love:



If you are the type of person who believes everything always works out for the best, this is not the story for you. It is very often said that the best men are either taken or gay; well I’d like to add one more thing to that.

I believed there was no such thing as random chances; that everything was meant to happen, mainly because I saw them coming a mile away. I never saw this coming, I never saw him coming.

Our meeting was my first car accident. I was with my phone, tapping away and sending to whoever was up for a chat, so absent in the real world that I didn’t quite notice in front of me or the light that just turned green. I bumped straight into him but before either had the chance to apologise, we were on a freshly-crushed wind screen. I’m pretty sure the driver was drunk though, so he’d have hit us even if the light was red. The main point was we’d both been pretty badly hurt and had ended up admitted side-by-side in the same hospital.

With his chiselled jaw line, brown eyes and enviable hair, he was the picture I’d imagine every girl has of “the perfect man” and he was single and straight as a ruler, so up until this point, everything was working out for the best

We got discharged, got each other’s numbers and got each other friends. He was the cutest thing ever; he’d sing “hey there’s Delilah” just to make me smile and tickle me if I needed to laugh. I, being the adorable pest I am, would poke him anytime he tried being serious, which by the way, did not suit him at all. Or just tease or deliberately be stubborn to get a smile out of him. we understood ourselves and it worked. Then he coughed………

It was just a cold is what we figured, he hated anything cold after all, but we both missed the little splashes of crimson each cough left on his hand. Then the splashes became a little bigger. “we missed some pieces of glass in his heart and lungs” the doctor said “it will be far too risky if we tried removing them now” he continued.

My blood went cold; body, stiff and hair erect. He was dying. A week later, present -continuous turned to past; he was dead. So I got in the car accident, fell in love because of the car accident, and then lost that love. Still believe everything always works out for the best?

So as I was saying, the best men are taken, gay … Or dead.



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