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Taking Care Of Our Environment


Hiya kids, What a cold Monday morning. Today we are going to talk about taking care of our environment.

How do we take care of our environment? What are the most environmentally friendly ways to take care of our environment? And what can we do as young people in Nigeria to keep our environment clean?


  • How do we know if our environment is clean?
  • Do you take care of your environment?
  • Whose responsibility to take care of the environment?
  • What can we do to take care of our environment?



Why is it important to keep Nigeria clean? When it comes to determining whether or not our environment is clean, we are to look at our homes, schools and other places we frequently visit.

A lot of the time we look to others to tidy our environment for us – whether its our mum, our teacher, the government. But as Ajapa wise kids, it’s important to learn to look after our environment ourselves.

When you see something that’s where it shouldn’t be, why don’t you pick it up and throw it away?



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