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Talented Kid


17-year-old Obinna Igbokwe got into seven out of the eight Ivy League schools, his latest feat in a ...
Arts & Crafts

Making A Birthday Cone Hat

Hiya everyone, today Ajapa is teaching us how to make a birthday cone hat. Follow each step carefully ...
Arts & Crafts

Animate with Photoshop!!

Hi Kids, At Ajapaworld we love arts and crafts! Why? We love the way the glue sticks to ...
Arts & Crafts

Arts n Crafts_Sweet Valentine

Sticks of gum sold in large packs often have plain white wrappers that are perfect for decorating with ...
Arts & Crafts

How to make a Paper Owl

You Will Need: 5-10 sheets of coloured paper Scissors Glue Felt tip pens   Step 1: Draw all ...