synonymsSynonyms are two words that mean the same or nearly the same as each other.  Choose the correct synonym for each underlined word below by circling your choice.


  1. The girls were surprised when they saw the beautiful flowers the delivery boy brought.
  2. A) frustrating B) pretty C) fast D) orange


  1. Watching the movie with all of my friends from school was fun, but it was too long.
  2. A) sticky B) lengthy C) silly D) short


  1. Jennifer’s roasted hot dog was ruined when it fell into the fire.
  2. A) flames B) water C) ground D) refrigerator


  1. The librarian asked the children to be silent because everyone was trying to study.
  2. A) noisy B) boring C) quiet D) early


  1. My grandpa made the new dollhouse, complete with miniature furniture for every room.
  2. A) pretty B) tiny C) fresh D) tall

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