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Summer is the perfect time for earning money. You are not going to school, so you have more time to focus on your entrepreneurial skills.

Henry Patterson started his first business when he was just seven, selling bags of manure for £1. After that he would buy things from charity shops and sell them for a higher price on Ebay. He made himself £150.

Now Henry has started a children’s online sweet shop called Not Before Tea.

Leanna Archer founded her company Hair Inc. when she was 8 years old; she started by selling homemade hair products to people in her school. Now she makes over $100,000. That is a lot of money.

Sometimes we think that only adults can start a business but that’s just not true. You are all very clever children after all, you are Ajapa kids! Starting your own business can be a brilliant way to earn money and fun too!


Why don’t you have a think about what business you can start? How about you bake cupcakes and sell them to family and friends. Or you can make chapman or if you are good at drawings you can draw people’s faces for a small fee…Why don’t you have a go at telling Ajapa your ideas: @Ajapang or


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