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So You Want To Be A Farmer?

Hiya kids and welcome to another Monday of financial literacy. Today’s post  is called “so you want to be a farmer?


Ajapa has noticed that more and more people are interested in being a farmer these days – especially since the increase in the price of tomatoes! All of a sudden, people are interested in growing their own vegetables.

For those of you interested in farming, we want to talk about farming and how kids can learn to farm.

  • farmer_trimming_bushes_hcWhat does a farmer do?


  • Do you think farming is a good way to earn money?



  • Do you know anyone that has a farm, even if it is a small one?


  • What’s the difference between a garden and a farm?



But we will talk some more about that in today’s episode, so don’t go anywhere. I’m watching you…

We are still talking about farming.


It’s important to learn about farmers and farming because:

  1. that all farmers work hard to produce good food for all of us to eat;
  2. that all farmers care about the land and animals they grow; and
  3. that we all have more to learn about agriculture in our immediate and global community.

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