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Selling Your Old Or Unused Stuffs

Hiya kids,

Today, Ajapa wants us to talk on selling, particularly selling your old or unused stuffs. Gardeners can probably tell a great number of stories about their attempts to get rid of weeds. It’s not always a fun task I must say. It’s a bit like uncluttering. It’s something we may need to do, but it may feel like a big undertaking.

Did you also know that a weed can actually be any plant that is unwanted, even if it looks pretty and has beautiful blooms?  Likewise, anything in our homes that is unwanted, even if it’s in great shape can be like weeds and we just classify those things as clutter.


So why trash all of those things you don’t need when you could make some money off of them?

One of the reasons it’s so hard to declutter is because we look at an item that we don’t need and remember how much time or energy or cash it cost from us to obtain. Selling that stuff may not bring back the time or energy, but it can bring back some of the money—money you can put towards the things you really want, or even save for your future using Classified Ads websites.

Classified ads sites are sites where you are can post or upload pictures of whatever you want to sell, and the site promotes it for you through the online and offline platforms.

Here are some classifieds you might want to try out:




Feel free to contact us @ and also remember, its free to advertise on these websites.

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