richToday’s topic is – Rich Man, Poor Man. Ajapa wanted us to talk about this because we are all born with different lots in life.richie Some of us have parents who can afford to buy us anything we want.And some of us have parents who struggle to buy us. But whatever our circumstances,we can use our gifts to the best of our ability to change our lots.

Mr Ajapa always says that if you are poor, you can become rich and if you are rich, you can become poor. It is all about how you manage money.

Even if you are really wealthy, if you don’t manage your money properly you can lose that wealth. Haven’t you heard of all the celebrities who suddenly lose all their money because their lifestyle was sooooo expensive that they ran into debt?

Knowing how to manage money is even more important than having money. So learn what it means to earn, save and spend wisely so you can take control of your future!

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