Hello kids!

This week we will be talking about punctuality. Punctuality means doing what you have to do at the time you are meant to do it. For example, getting to school before 8am or by 8am, doing your homework when you are supposed to do it, sleeping and waking up on time.

Punctuality is a good quality to possess. The people who have become great in their lives are very punctual. If you are punctual, you can finish up your schoolwork at the right time and go over your work to sure you have not made mistakes. This way, you will have excellent scores and good grades at the end of the term. If you also take your food on time, you will rarely fall sick.

Punctuality and preparation go hand in had. If you prepare in advance, it will be easier to be punctual.


  • If you don’t find it easy to wake up early, set an alarm the night before.
  • Iron your uniform and pack your rucksack the night before.
  • Don’t wait to the last minute to do your homework.

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