Hi kids,

The topic for this week is promises.

A promise is a commitment you make to someone stating that you will do or not do something.

And we make promises all the time, don’t we? Sometimes we make promises without even really thinking about it. We promise our parents that we will work harder at school; we promise our friends that we will return their toys, and so on.

But promises are not to be taken lightly. When you make a promise, it is important that you keep it. People who never keep their promises eventually lose the trust and the respect of those around them.

It is better not to make a promise at all, than to make a promise and break it. If you know you cannot do something, explain to the other person why you cannot do it. They will understand. But if you make a promise, do what you can to do what you said you would do, so that you will be known as a person who keeps their word!

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