Hi Kids,


Has your mpolitenessother ever told you to remember to say please and thank you?

Why do you think it is important to say please, excuse me, sorry, thank you and so on?

Being polite is about respect, and being considerate of people’s feelings, culture, and values. It is not difficult, but some people find it hard because they were not taught how to be polite when they were children.

Here are a couple of ways to be polite:

  • politeness 3 When someone does something for you, or gives you a compliment, remember to tell them thank you.


  • If you are asking someone to do something for you, remember to say please.


  • Always listen to what people are saying and try to maintain eye contact when they are talking to you, instead of looking down at your phone.


There are so many ways to be polite! Why don’t you email me more ways on


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