So today, I want to talk with you about money gadgets! Whats that, you ask?

Well these are all the different tools that we use to pay for things.

You can pay with your mobile phone now via apps, you can pay online directly on the websites, you can send money via a bank transfer and so much more.

It is now soooo easy to spend money, so kids we have to be extra extra careful!


Today, we live in a cashless society. This means that we don’t rely 100% on cash. We can pay through several different means.

1. We can pay with our cards, when we go to stores.

2. We can pay online, on websites.

3. We can pay with apps on our phones.

4. We can transfer money to the bank account of the person we want to pay.

5. We can pay with a cheque.

So many different ways to pay, and they keep on increasing. Just the other day, I used my card to pay at a fast food restaurant and I didn’t even have to use my pin. I just tapped on the POS and wahla the amount was taken out.

How cool is that?!

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