Hiya kids,


The topic for this wmoney-treeeek is all about math, because I’ve been told that quite a few of you hate math with a passion and some of you are wondering why you even have to go to those math classes. However, math is essential when it comes to managing money.


If you don’t know how to add, how will you know how much money you have?


If you don’t know anything about percentages, how will you know how much interest you will get from the bank? And when they say there is a 20% off sale, you won’t even be able to tell how much money you will save!


Your teachers want you to learn math so that you are better able to manage your finances and so that you are able to use the math when you start work, paying bills and so on.


So learn to enjoy your math lessons because you are Ajapa wise kids and you need to keep track of all that money you are saving!


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