Hiya kids,

We all do the wrong things now and again, even adults do the wrong things sometimes; and sometimes saying sorry is not enough. Occasionally we have to make amends. To make amends means to make up for our wrongdoing.

When we have really hurt someone with our actions, we have to use actions to show them just how sorry we are and to help to make it better.

For example, Jide and Hassan were building castles with their wooden blocks.

Suddenly Jide pushed Hassan’s castles and Hassan started to cry. When Jide realized how sad he had made Hassan he said sorry and them he helped Hassan build an even bigger castle!

Jide didn’t just say sorry and leave Hassan with a broken castle, he made amends by helping Hassan rebuild his castle. He helped to cheer Hassan up and together they made an even better castle.

It is important to say sorry, but if you can, try to make amends as well.


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