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How to make a Paper Owl

You Will Need:

5-10 sheets of coloured paper



Felt tip pens


Step 1: Draw all the parts of the owl that you will be using

You may label the parts accordingly


You will need to have drawn:

Body; Feet; 2x Wing; 4x Layer of feathers; Head; Ears; Beak; Iris; Sclera; Pupils


Step 2: Cut out all the pieces

Please remember to let an adult cut out the pieces and use safety scissors


Step 3: Glue all the pieces together. Start with the body and feet.

This is followed by the wing and a layer of the feathers.

You can place the second wing and all the other layers of feathers.

Stick on the owl’s head

Place the whites of the eyes (sclera), followed by the iris and pupils.

Add his beak.

Don’t forget to add his ears.


Step 4: Draw on little dots and a line on his beak.


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