Hi kids,


How many of you have tried to draw me?


It doesn’t matter if you know how to draw or not, you can draw the famous Ajapa and email us a picture! Do you want to know how?


My face is made up of a circle and an oval. The circle goes on top and the oval is at the bottom.


Next draw a curved line in between them, like the picture.


Afterwards you’ll need to draw my eyes. My eyes are incomplete ovals that rest on your curved line. Then you draw two circle inside your ovals and two smaller circles inside those circles.


For my nose, draw two short slanted lines.


For my mouth, draw a curved line to make a smile and two slanted lines at each end of the smile.


Then you’ll need to draw my freckles. Three mini circles on my cheeks.


Finally, don’t forget my Fila. I don’t leave my house without my Fila!


If you have a question or you want to send us your drawing, email him at

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