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How To Draw Ajapa’s Face Using Adobe Photoshop

Hiya kids, Thank God it’s Friday!!!! And today I will be teaching you how to draw Ajapa’s Face using adobe Photoshop. Mind you, as Ajapa’s wise kids we should carefully follow the procedures one step at a time. Ok Let’s Begin!!

  • Ajapa’s face is made up of a circle and an oval.
  • Use the brush tool to draw and color.
  • Trace over your two circles in a different color. if you make a make a mistake, erase and continue!
  • U can rotate your artwork by using the hand or space to move your art.
  • Draw Ajapa’s eyes, nose, mouth, freckles, and fila.

Check out our video tutorials and try it yourself. Also send us pictures of your drawings and we will post it online


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