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How to Draw Ajapa’s Face on Photoshop part two (Face colouring)

Hiya everyone, we have come the concluding part of the arts and crafts with Photoshop. In the first tutorial we learnt how to use different tools in Photoshop to draw Ajapa’s face, and am sure you guys had fun trying that out. Here we are going to learn how to colour Ajapa’s face.  As wise kids we should pay attention to every step at a time, Ok let’s begin.

  • We use the eyedropper tool pick the preferred colour
  • We Use the brush tool to colour the face
  • We Use the Magic Wand tool to colour inside the lines
  • We use the dodge tool to do highlights which gives Ajapa’s face more shape
  • We use the burn tool for shadows
  • What shade of brown is Ajapa ?


That’s it guys, always remember to tidy up your colouring and also  watch our YouTube video below for step by step tutorial……. Now let’s colour!!

Watch Here

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