Hiya my chefs and cheflettes, it is Yanribo and I am here again to teach you how to cook stew. Don’t be mistaken, I can only teach those wise kids who want to learn. DO you know how many of them are begging me in Olowo village to teach them?

Ehen, let us begin –soup-576424_960_720

How to Cook Stew:

  • tomatoes (about one blender full)
  • 2 bulbs of onions
  • 2 cubes of maggi or knorr (seasoning)
  • spices (curry, thyme, chicken flavour)
  • meat (chicken, beef, goat meat, turkey)
  • pepper (to taste)
  • about 10 to 15cl groundnut/vegetable oil
  • salt (to taste.)

I like to make tomato stew with just few other spices, just to make the aroma of my deliciously made tomatoes stew unique.




  • Wash the meat and cook with the spices (about half table spoon full of each) and one bulb of onion. Also Blend the tomatoes to get a blender full of it or a little bit more.


  • Set your cooking pot on fire and allow to dry, add groundnut oil(about 10 to 15cl)


  • Add Onions to the hot oil, stir and pour in the ground tomatoes, allow to boil until the tomato stew is boiling on oil with no trace of water, taste for sour taste, OK?



  • Pour in the cooked meat, add 1 or 2 cubes of Maggi, (add spices- curry, thyme, etc., if you didn’t add enough while parboiling the meat) add pepper and salt to taste, cook for about five minutes.

That tastes lovely. Well done chefs and cheflettes!


Ehen my chefs and cheflettes, I am glad you are here. There is a meeting going on between Ajapa and his Wise kids  and they want jollof Rice. Ewo!!

I cannot do it myself! But I have been training you, so I know you will learn quickly.

Ehen, let us begin –


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