Global Money Week_Visit to Zenith Bank

Zenith bank opened their red doors to us and Ajapa and the Starfield students walked in eagerly. The tour of the bank began in a room upstairs where the kids were given a talk. They were asked how many of them were saving and then they were told about the Zenith Children’s Savings Account. Then we were taken to the customer service section downstairs for another talk.

zen2The most interesting part of the tour was when we were directed to the sorting room where money was being sorted. We were shown a fake naira note and they demonstrated what they do to fake naira notes (they cut them, in case you didn’t know, to render them unusable). Afterwards they showed us the machine they use to detect whether or not a note is real. We were then shown the different bundles of money and told how many notes were in each bundle. The speaker asked the kids to tell him all the denominations of the naira, and they were able to answer him correctly. He also quizzed the kids on some of the information he had told them, and they answered him, proving that they had been listening.

It was an informative and fun session. Thank you Zenith bank.

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