Global Money Week_Shopping Challenge

The supermarket challenge is an exercise designed to teach children about spending money wisely, budgeting and planning for the home. The children are given the same amount of money by Ajapaworld and instructed to buy items for the home.

The challenge took place at KronMart small but well stocked supermarket at Centro Mall, Lekki. Mr Braithwaite, otherwise known as Professor Wise, gave a brief to the students of Pinefield and Starfield – they were to imagine their parents had instructed them to buy items for their home. Then they were handed their envelopes of money and their participant numbers by Ajapa the tortoise.

The shopping began. They had a 30 minute limit and the time was moving fast. They went into the store, four at a time, so that they could have plenty of room to maneuver. We watched students selecting, and peering, and checking prices. They rounded up their shopping pretty quickly; many of them used 15 minutes rather than 30.

The attendants at the store were very kind to and patient with the children as they brought their selection to the till, and often had to return items when they went over budget. After they had paid for their items, they would leave the store and the next set of kids would enter.

Having completed the challenge, the kids took their purchases to the judges and were asked various questions about why they bought what they bought.


The judging criteria was as follows:


How closely did they adhere to the challenge?

How many items did they buy?

Did they fully understand the task?

Were they able to justify their purchases?

Were their purchases suitable for the home?


The judges deliberated and it was a tough decision to come to as most of the kids had made very wise choices. However they announced to the participants and audience who was in third place, second place and first place. The winner of the challenge was a six year old from Starfield. Though he was young his purchases and justifications for his purchases impressed the judges.

We look forward to the next shopping challenge which is always our favourite activity.

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