Global Money Week_Monopoly Tournament

We started off Global Money Week with a bang! This year’s Monopoly Tournament was even more elaborate than last year’s, with three matches running at the same time!

The games took place at Xquisite Restaurant in Lekki, and they were kind enough to allow the Ajapaworld team and guests to take over the main dining section, in order to arranged the various games. In addition, Best Man Games was in attendance and they participated by going over the rules of the game with the participants.

Monopoly is a perfect game to play when it comes to teaching kids about money. It is a game about the buying and selling of property and the game is played with the assistance of game money. The participants are forced to make logical decisions regarding how they spend their money and acquire property. Along the way many participants may be forced to declare themselves bankrupt, and one with the greatest wealth will be declared the winner.

As there was more than one game going on, we had more than one winner. On one table were the ages 9-11; on another 12 – 16; and on the last we had the adult table, which everyone agreed was the least interesting table. At Ajapaworld, we are all about the kids.

The participants came from Dowen College, Ado Primary School and a few of them were even home schooled. Many of the kids from Ado had never played Monopoly before but they picked up the rules of the game really quickly and were able to play as well as everyone else. The games were fun to watch as we gathered round the tables to appreciate how good the children were.

From the 9-11 table, our winner was from Ado Primary School. From the 12- 16 table, our winner was from Dowen College. They were given a book, a tortoise bank and envelope of money as their prize. In addition, every participant was given a reward journal because they had proved themselves to be intelligent, money conscious children.

Can you wait till the next Monopoly Tournament? I sure can’t!

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