Global Money Week_Money March

It’s a Thursday. The fourth day of Global Money Week. And today, we stormed the streets of Lagos with the leaders of tomorrow, children who want the world to know that they have a say and they want to gain financial literacy!

As you can probably guess, it was a spectacular display. Ajapa led the parade of children from different schools, public and private, towards the Stock Exchange. The children lifted banners that held sayings such as – Secure My Future, Teach Me To Save.

The March began from Freedom Park, a much loved and popular venue for African oriented events. At the location banners and balloons were distributed and the children met Ajapa; which was exciting for those who hadn’t met him before. The kids were then given a health and safety brief and arranged into pairs to avoid losing any child.

The walk to the Stock Exchange was barely felt by the participants because of the music provided by the Boys Brigade. Rather than merely walking, we all danced, to the amazement of onlookers.

They were expecting us at the Stock Exchange and we were taken to the room where the talks would be given, enlightening the children about the day to day activities of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We were even taken to the trading hall and spoke to the individuals who were busy at work.

It was certainly a day that would remain the minds of everyone who took part.

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