Global Money Week_First Bank Visit

As part of Global Money Week, Ajapaworld and Starfield school visited First Bank. We were well received and taken on a tour of the bank.

firstpremiumA banker attended to us at the desk, explaining the types of transactions that took place on a day to day basis. After which, they were taken to an inner room where a lot of the behind the scenes work took lace and told about the First Bank children’s savings account. But our favourite part of the tour was being taken to the premium banking room where individuals who have over a certain amount (in the millions) in their account, are attended to. The room was away from the hustle and bustle of the banking hall and was equipped with all the things one needed to make your banking experience a pleasurable one. The kids were encouraged to work to reach the level that would afford them similar comforts.

Before we left, all the kids in attendance were given gifts by First bank, which pleased us all! We will be seeing you again soon First Bank!

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