Global Money Week Talk @ Pinefield School, Lekki

The day was rainy and Nigerian rain is a different sort of rain, the type that threatens to drown you if you stay stagnant too long. Because of this, pretty much everyone was stuck in traffic and the rain against the windows of the assembly hall of Pinefield School was so loud we doubted we would be heard at all!

IMG_20140311_111831But as things do, our plans began to fall into place. The rain quietened down, Union Bank made it followed by Credit Awareness, then the Mr Braithwaite arrived. The primary students were led in first and whilst we waited for the secondary school students and the Mascot, Mr Braithwaite told the young children the story of the Tortoise and the Snail and how they came together to do business and make money which they then store in their shells.
He asked the children questions that had them frantically waving their hands in the air or wiggling about in their seats as they tries to get an opportunity to answer. He also asked how many of them were rich and if they were they should show him their money. The resounding response to this was that their money was with their parents.
With this exciting start to the day, Credit Awareness engaged the students in a vibrant talk on the benefit of spending wisely. By this time, the secondary school students had joined the group and were roped into the discussion.

Following Credit Awareness was Union – the big, the strong, the reliable bank followed and gave the students a valuable introduction to the benefits of saving. They asked the kids – if they deposited
just N200 every day for 20 days, how much would they have? They also gave the children freebies and gave them forms for a ceremonial opening of accounts, as they would not be able to complete the application forms without the parental information and signatures.  

After this came a talk from Ajapaworld on the ways that young people can earn money. The children were asked about their various talents and then asked if any of them had made money from these talents – none of them had. They were given a brief talk on the ways that they could turn seemingly simple activities such as sketching or blogging into activities that could give them extra money in their pocket.

Ajapaworld also invited the students to do a survey about banks that the Pinefield students were familiar with.
Then Ajapa the Tortoise came out! The kids, the younger ones, freaked out.
Some hurried to hug him and had to be directed to their seats by their teachers. Mr Braithwaite then asked the children questions and Ajapa gave tortoise banks to the children who answered.
This was the way we ended the day.

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