Global Money Week Talk @ Edidot School, Lekki

Edidot, our final school for the week, was an excellent experience. The principal was extremely accommodating and agreed that we should have the students in two batches so that we could tailor our talk appropriately.

We spoke to the upper Primary school first. In our usual fashion, Mrs Nneka Eneli of Credit Awareness took the stage first.
She was followed by the representative of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr Aminu Mohammed, who always kept his address short and sweet.

IMG_20140313_112627Mr Braithwaite, or as he sometimes prefers to be addressed – Professor Wise, then embarked on the story of Ajapa, how he made his money and how he got involved in mobile banking (look forward to the story coming out in print in 2014!). He then asked the children questions and Ajapa the tortoise awarded prizes to the students who had answered Credit Awareness questions, CBN questions and Ajapaworld questions.

Next came the secondary school students. At first it was a slow start but Mrs Eneli was finally able to get their engagement in a more complex conversation about money.
To our delight, a couple of students had questions for Mr Mohammed which he was more than happy to answer.

Mr Braithwaite then told an abbreviated version of the story and though they were older, the students were equally absorbed by the tale and they found Professor Wise and his threats of facing the wall hilarious. They were also greatly amused by Ajapa’s concept of mobile banking. Professor Wise then introduced Oyinkan Braithwaite who engaged the students in a brief but interactive session on how they could earn money using their various talents.

We were lucky to have Intel join us and Mr Korede Ogunsiji introduced the students of Edidot to the Explore and Learn Marketplace App where they could go to locate relevant educational resources for free!
A prefect of the school thanked us for coming, which was a wonderful end to a great day!

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