Global Money Week Shopping Challenge

Today’s activity was designed to teach the students about spending money wisely.

We were at Ebeano Supermarket at 9 on the dot and were excited to see Starfield was ready and waiting. Central Bank of Nigeria and Credit Awareness soon arrived and then Ajapa the tortoise made his grand entrance.

Mr Braithwaite, otherwise known as Professor Wise, gave a brief to the students of Pinefield and Starfield and two teenagers – they were to imagine their parents had instructed them to buy items for their home. Then they were handed their envelopes of money and instructions by Ajapa the tortoise.

The shopping began. They had a 30 minute limit and the time was moving fast. We watched students selecting, and peering, and checking prices. They rounded up their shopping pretty quickly; many of them used 15 minutes rather than 30.

Ebeano set aside a till for the students to purchase their items unfettered by queues, which helped to make the activity more exclusive. As each child finished paying for the item, they approached the panel of judges which constituted Mr Akin Braithwaite of Ajapaworld, Mr Aminu Mohammed of CBN and Mrs Nneka Eneli of Credit Awareness.

The judging criteria was as follows:IMG_20140312_101523

How closely did they adhere to the challenge?
How many items did they buy?
Did they fully understand the task?
Were they able to justify their purchases?
Were their purchases suitable for the home?
The kids brought out their items one by one and explained their purchase decisions and reasoning to the judges. Afterwards they would move on from the panel and the next child approached until all the kids were done.

The kids were interviewed as they waited the turn; many described the activity as hard but fulfilling. A very smart young lady from Pinefield stated that her parents rarely trusted her with the shopping and she was proud of what she had achieved today.

After a couple minutes of deliberation, the judges called back the students and awarded a first, second and third prize to the younger contestants.

Seven year old Wendy from Starfield won the first prize! She was given the Lagos Edition Monopoly game. The two teenagers tied for first and received a Sudoku board game.

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