Global Money Week Monopoly Tournament

The table was ready. The Monopoly Board was laid out, the chance and community chest cards placed in their allotted places and the money segmented. All that was needed now was the contestents.

We had the Monopoly tournament yesterday at Pinefield school – where they have participated in all of our Global Money Week 2014 events. Osato 11 and Kofo 12 from Pinefield both took part in the game. We also had 13 year old Niyi who was not a member of Pinefield school but who was excited about the game but to make things really interesting, we decided to include an adult in the game – a banker no less. Bode from Stanbic IBTC bank graciously agreed to join us.

IMG_20140314_114329 (1)With the go ahead from Ajapa the tortoise, Oyinkan from Ajapaworld went over the rules of the game briefly with the participants and then the game began. It commenced in a predictable manner. The participants bought every property they landed on as they moved around the board. There were groans and sighs whenever someone acquired property others considered to be valuable. The game began to heat up when the players began paying rent!
Osato was not smiling and remained focused. Kofo smiled occasionally but she was quiet and held her cards very close to her chest. Bode, who was playing Monopoly for the first time (even though it was mentioned that banks are always playing Monopoly), picked it up very smoothly. We all laughed when he acquired GTBank on the board.IMG_20140314_120304

Niyi was the most playful of the participants, cracking jokes throughout the game but never forgetting that he intended to win.

Our Ajapaworld team member, Oyinkan, played the role of banker and help to distribute money and property. The game went on for an hour. After which, the assets and cash of each player was counted to determine who was the richest player.

The richest player turned out to be our youngest player – Osato from Pinefield. She received a cash prize. All the participants received a tortoise bank and a financial reward journal.

We will definitely be doing this again soon!

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