Gift in a Box_Oxbridge College and Ajapaworld give Gifts

On Tuesday the 15th of December 2015, Ajapaworld supported by Oxbridge Tutorial College, donated gifts to 130 students of Ikosi High School.

The event took place on the grounds of Ikosi High School, Ketu. The children gathered as though waiting for a school assembly with no idea why they had been summoned together on a Tuesday afternoon.

Fortunately they were quickly told the reason for the unusual meeting and from that point on the buzz of excitement was difficult to subdue. Some of the Ikosi Students are residents of a poor community of Ketu, and the thought that their fellow Nigerian peers had donated gifts for them, moved them.

The Ikosi High School student were given a brief break down of how they too could save money in order to be able to afford the things they desire, and they quickly grabbed unto the concept of earning, saving and spending wisely.

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The gift boxes were distributed to 130 student selected by the principal for being the most conscientious and brightest amongst their peers. The students were so excited; they began to unwrap their gifts immediately! They were delighted to find Christmas cards containing the names of the donors atop their gifts.

After the students sang and danced, the day ended with renewed hope for the future and an uncontrollable excitement for Christmas yet ahead.

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