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Fun Facts About The Nigerian Weather

Nigeria is a unique county in Africa, no wonder we are called the giant of Africa. We have a lot to offer and our fantastic climate conditions are favourable for tourists. Here are some Fun facts gathered by Aiyekoto about the Nigerian weather:


  1. Nigeria’s tropical climate makes it an all-year-round tourist destination, with temperatures staying consistently hot.


  1. Temperatures are generally high and shockingly consistent, and seasons are more aptly characterised by the difference in rainfall than a change in the mercury



  1. The long rainy season begins in late February or early March and lasts until July. The short rainy season starts in September and runs through October, though rains are not nearly as heavy as in the long season.


  1. Between November and March, the weather tends to be very hot and dry. In the south, average high temperatures can reach 32°C / 90°F or more. In north-eastern Nigeria, the appearance of the ‘harmattan’ wind from around February time can make temperatures feel cooler, although it does tend to create dusty conditions.



  1. I would pay a visit to Nigeria if I were you or perhaps spend a whole year to fully experience Nigeria and the stuff we are made of.

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