Fun Facts

Fun Facts about the Hausa Culture

Nigeria is a treasure trove of cultures and languages and we love to learn about them at Ajapaworld. Here are some fun facts we gathered about the Hausa culture.

  • Hausas are the most hospitable people in West Africa. They will give you respect you deserve, be warm to you and friendly.
  • They are very influential and highly aggressive when it comes to seizing opportunities, hence why they are good politicians.
  • They are very unique when it comes to clothing. Women dress code consist of wrappers (abaya) designed with a nicely decorated and colorful cloth with a matching blouse, fabulous head tie and shawl. This dress code is unique to all Hausa speaking populations.
  • The hausas are the 4th largest `Muslim bloc on the planet. In as much as, the Hausas are muslims, they are also strict followers of their tradition and therefore subscribe to the traditional African religion.
  • They are believed to be largest ethnic group in Nigeria, about 30 million of the 162 million people belonging to over 500 ethnic groups are Hausas.

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