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Fun Facts About The Brain

cartoon-brain-hunting-idea-cute-funny-concept-illustration-vector-65457953Hiya everyone,

Today’s fun fact is a unique one, because it’s about the human brain. The Human brain is a very important part of the body; if not the most important part and we have gathered some fun facts about the brain that would make you go Hmmmmmmmmm. Here are some fun facts about the brain:


  1. The first sense a human brain learns to detect is touch; however, it takes around 12 weeks to understand the complete feeling. This is the reason the mind can efficiently differentiate between external and self-touch to the body.


  1. The human brain is the only organ in the human body that lacks nerves despite the fact that it acts as the central command for the central nervous system. This simply implies that; the human brain feels no pain.


  1. The energy consumed by the brain which is approximately 25 watts is sufficient enough to illuminate a light bulb.


  1. The human brain consumes the largest portion of the total energy that is generated in the human body. To be precise, the brain consumes 20% of that energy despite the fact that it only represents only 2% of the total body weight. The energy is vital for maintaining healthy brain cells and fuelling nerve impulses.


  1. Yawning is the body’s way of cooling down an overheated brain. In addition, when your brain does not receive the appropriate amount of oxygen, the yawn is said to provide the remaining amount of oxygen to the brain. Anoxic brain damage is brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen supply. Without oxygen, brain cells will start to die after four to six minutes.


  1. Amygdala is a constructive part of the brain responsible for providing the clues about how the next person is feeling by only seeing his or her face. Amygdala is a sort of built-in face reading feature of the mind. It can detect different moods such as, happiness, sadness, worry, excitement, and many others.


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