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Aren’t teachers cool? They come to school every day and teach us all sorts of fascinating things. They prepare us for the future and help us to grow to be intelligent individuals. Here are some fun facts about teachers:


  1. Researchers note a teacher should be compared to those of other high stress jobs, such as air-traffic controllers, firefighters, or pilots.


  1. Before Lyndon Johnson was president, he was a teacher. When he was in his early 20s, he taught at three different schools. Records report he was an excellent teacher and received many positive references.


  1. Maria Montessori was a famous Italian medical doctor and education reformer who invented the still popular Montessori method. She argued that teachers needed to respect a child’s independence and his or her unique path of psychological development, and that teachers ought to give students freedom to work with hands-on projects.


  1. Clara Barton (1831–1912) is best known for founding the American Red Cross, but she was also a respected teacher. She even opened a free public school in New Jersey at a time when there were almost none in the area.


  1. Teachers note that kids dish on their parents’ secrets all the time, including money problems, religion, politics, and even their dad’s vasectomy.


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