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Facts About The Edo Culture

AS we know it, culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. It is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. Here @ Ajapaworld we promote culture and here are some Facts we gathered about the Edo culture.edo culture

  1. “Edo” is the name that the people of the Benin Kingdom give to themselves, their language, and their capital city and kingdom. Renowned for their art of brass and ivory and for their complex political organization


  1. Polygamy is the preferred form of marriage, although in the twentieth century monogamy has come to be favoured by someChristians and the educated. Marriage used to be contracted when the proposed wife was very young.


  1. The system of primogeniture prevails among the Edo: the eldest son receives the rights to property, hereditary titles, and ritual duties.


  1. Bini Kingdom has been known to have very significant traditional role for the Coral beads. They have mainly two kinds of Coral beads; ‘Ivie’ and Ekan’.


  1. In the traditional Edo view, the universe is divided into two planes of existence: the visible, tangible world of everyday life (agbon ) and the invisible spirit world (erinmwin ) created by Osanobua and inhabited by him, other deities, ancestors, spirits, and supernatural powers.

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