Hi kids,

Do you know what the difference is between a dream and a goal?

A dream is a desire or idea that is created in your imagination. It is something you want really really badly.  On the other hand, a goal is something you are trying to do or achieve.

You can have a dream and do nothing to achieve it. You just think about it and tell your friends about it and that’s the end. Some of you are waiting for your dreams to just happen. But if you have a goal, then it means you have figured out how to turn your dream into reality.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming, in fact I love it when kids dream; and dreaming is an important part of living. But pick one of your dreams, take a pen and write down ways that you can achieve your dream. If you don’t know how, search the internet and find out how other people achieved dreams that are similar to yours.

Remember, you don’t want your dream to remain a dream forever. One day you want to accomplish it, so why not start today?

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