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Differences Between Lizards And Wall Geckos

Hiya everyone. Can we differentiate between Lizards and Wall Geckos? Well, don’t worry. Here are some fun facts Ajapa gathered on lizards and wall Geckos.

waving lizards

  1. A gecko is a Lizard. Like a Lizard, it has scaly skin, lungs, breathes air and lays eggs. However, there are some characteristics that makes a wall Gecko different from Lizards.
  1. The gecko’s hearing is quite good. Another strange feature about them is if one looks at a gecko’s ear from the side, light shines through its head.
  1. Lizards don’t have eyelids, unlike Wall Geckos, they have a membrane covering their eyes which they clean by licking. The eyes of a gecko have vertical slits.
  1. Though Lizards can climb up vertical surfaces, Wall Geckos can walk upside down on ceilings. They can do this because of the pads on their feet, which are larger than most Lizard’s. The ability to climb all over makes geckos welcome in many homes, as it’s easier for them to capture insect pests.
  1. Wall Geckos have broad toes and big eye pupils and scaly skin, while Lizards four legs, movable eyelids, scaly skin and are cold blooded.
  1. Wall Geckos life up to 5-7 years; actually varies by type, Lizards lives up to 1-3 years and also varies by type.

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