Creative Writing Workshop @ Greensprings

As part of their book week, Greensprings, Anthony, invited Ajapaworld to engage their year 8 students in a Creative Writing workshop session.

Creative writing session10One of our favourite Ajapa representatives took the session and she addressed over 70 students in the room. She began by talking to them about how a creative writing workshop operates and also told them the rules they would need to follow when giving feedback.

From there, they went straight to the first activity. The students were unsure at first but they quickly grasped their task and they took on the challenge enthusiastically and boldly. Once they were done, many of the students waved their hands eagerly, so they would be picked to come to the front and read their stories to their peers. The stories were met with laughter and applause. Unfortunately there was not enough time for all the students to read their stories.

Their next activity involved poetry. Five students read poems from Carol Ann Duffy, William Shakespeare, J.P. Clark and more. They were encouraged to identify the poetic tools used and the differences between the poems.

The workshop ended with four students selected to do an impromptu, rhyming poem/rap – line by line…sounds difficult doesn’t it? And the students found it challenging.

We hope that the students were able to trigger the creativity that may have been lying dormant in them. Till next time!

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