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Talk to Ajapa – Take Part, Save Smart!

Today, Ajapa wants to hear from you! You can chat with Ajapa on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and/or even comment right ...

The Ajapa Money Club Show_Global Money Week

On the Ajapaworld TV show we love to talk about money! We gather wise kids into our studio and find ...

Kids Act Out ‘The Day The Tortoise Broke His Shell’

You may have seen The Day The Tortoise Broke His Shell acted out by professionals but have you seen it ...

Creative Writing Workshop @ Greensprings

As part of their book week, Greensprings, Anthony, invited Ajapaworld to engage their year 8 students in a Creative Writing ...

Global Money Week is Almost Here!!!

Hi kids, Global Money Week is almost here! Global Money Week is simply a week that is dedicated to teaching school children and ...