Hi Kids,

Sometimes we get scared. Even I, the great Ajapa, get scared. And if you are scared there is nothing to be ashamed of. When a Lion roars, it strikes fear straight into my heart but Lion is the current chief of Olowo village and he would not harm his villagers.

Being brave, doesn’t mean you are never afraid; it means that you don’t let being afraid stop you; you don’t let being afraid hold you back.

When you face your fear, you are able to overcome your fear; and then you will never be as afraid of that thing again.

Chioma was being bullied by Anita. Every day, Anita would dump Chioma’s textbook in a dustbin. Chioma was really scared of Anita because she was a senior and was much bigger. She was too afraid to tell a teacher.

One day, Chioma saw Anita bullying an even younger girl and she decided Anita’s bullying had to stop. She used her phone to film the bullying. Then she walked up to Anita and told Anita that if she didn’t atop bullying kids, the video would be posted online.

Anita never bullied anyone again.

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