It’s Valentine’s day this week! Are you excited?! I am! I have been thinking all week about what to get Yanribo and I have finally come up with the best idea; but I won’t tell you because it’s a secret! Ha Ha Ha!

The topic for this week is Valentine’s day and Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to show your parents and friends how much you care about them.

Now as Ajapa wise peeps, you know that it is important that you don’t spend your money recklessly; even if it is Valentine’s day! In fact, instead of spending all your hard earned money, you can make your valentine a gift instead.

On the Ajapa Money Club Show this week, we turned chewing gum and lollipops into great colourful and sweet valentine day gifts. If you want to know more about how to make these, you can watch the episode this Saturday at 9:30am on NTA2. You can also make Valentine’s day cards and letters or make nice keepsakes such as knitted hats and tie and dye tshirts.

Tell us how creative you got by emailing us at or messaging us below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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