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Animate with Photoshop!!

Hi Kids,

At Ajapaworld we love arts and crafts! Why? We love the way the glue sticks to our fingers; we love how we can mix paint to make new colours; we love how we can create something from nothing!

These days, Ajapaworld has taken arts and crafts to the digital realm! We want to teach the kids how to draw, colour and even
Now isn’t that exciting.  

You can find our tutorial and fun little arts and crafts videos on Instagram, on our website and on the TV shows.

Check out the video below and let us know if you have had fun on Photoshop before.  A lot of the tools, you may have seen before:

paintThe Paint Bucket tool – this allows you to paint a large area, all at once!

brushThe Brush tool – the brush tool is exactly like a paintbrush and allows you to paint.


     The Eyedropper tool – this tool is really useful because it allows you to copy the colours you want! 


The Eraser tool – this tool allows you to rub away all your mistakes!

The Zoom tool – this tool allows you to zoom into your artwork   zoom

We will stop there for now! We don’t want your brain to explode!      


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