12 Year old Amos Oche Ebiega, another Professor Chinua Achebe in the making! “One day i sat on the dinning table in the house and it dawned on me that children of my age were writing books and launching music albums.
I saw it as a challenge and i decided to brace up and face that challenge. That was how the inspiration came on me to write this books” .

Those were the words of a 12 year old Nigerian author, Amos Oche Ebiega, author of the “Ruthless lover” and “the twin”. Amos who started writing at the age of 9 while in pry 4. Amos who hails from Benue state lives in Kaduna was inspired by other children who were making waves in the movie and music industry. Amos wrote the book all by himself, while writing he said he came across a big word and went to his mom who doubted the fact that he was writing a book he proved he was and she was happy and willing to support. Amos picked is mom as a role model because she is disciplined and works hard. He would love to be an aeronautic engineer.

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